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Former community landscape, now become waste exhibition, dirty conditions can be extreme. "Yesterday, readers of the present report reflects a community flower promenade from landscape to" trash warehouse "case.
yesterday, author in, Hebei district, River Road Quan Jiang Shen in site see, the community 21st, floor Qian, a seat long more than 10 more than meters, and high about 3 meters of flower Gallery, was thousands pieces various old waste squeeze have full of, its varieties almost includes various family waste, old waste also from flower Gallery around to outside overflow, heap to outside of yonglu Shang and parking Gallery in. To accommodate residents ' flower garden leisure not only total loss of function of the promenade, also affects the daily lives of the residents.
the author to a number of residents understand that 5 years ago, this flower corridor, was slim and have many vine type plant cover on it, was recognized as the community a landscape, is also good place for leisure. Initially, 1/f, encroachment by neighbours, piling up old stoves, and later "follower" more and more, have to use this as a "trash warehouse", gradually forming today's carnage. People are very unhappy about this, has reflected to the relevant Department, but there has been no effective treatment.
waste recycling think now better of environment has not more has, why so said does, because some no good of businesses and some mess abandoned harmful material garbage of people constantly to against we of homes, originally a article beautiful of River last into has, a article and smelly and dirty of also has many garbage of river has, also has original is a bright of landscape landscape now and into has what like does, this is why, human is are should reflection about, why we of homes will into such does? Is worth pondering, sighs deeply changed.