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Roadside recently laid lawns greening, a scrap of Xiao bei men Street stalls, hindered the laying of turf. "The street was full of weeds and rubble, carpeted with grass for the residents are happy, do not wish to waste affects the landscaping. "Li Cheng Yuan neighborhood then urge the construction units for reseeding the previously unpaved grass lot, and commitment to collaborative management to clean up to the block of green waste.
Li City Garden District, located northeast of the bridge, North Gate of Li Tang road into the community there is a 5-meter-wide road that links. Liu told reporters pointing to the side of the lawn, originally on the road was full of weeds and rubble. A few days ago, area residents was surprised to find, roadside commenced green construction makeover. "Every parked car on the roadside, which began last week, often parked along the car's position, placing the cones and warning lines. "Liu said workers began cleaning up roadside trash and weeds in stone, several cars were then shipped to the turf," after formation of land covered with grass by the roadside, the environment suddenly straighten. "Reporters saw two workers using Pi Guanzi watering the lawn. Walk 200 meters to the East along the path, the reporter found that lawn was blocked by a heap of scrap. The waste belonged to a scrap of roadside stalls, collects waste in roadside loosely stacked more than 10 meters long, also parked next to two white trucks, one truck stacked full of waste. According to the community security introduction, this waste trucks off the road for a long time. Residents said that narrow path, stalls take up any part of the rag, is affecting the environment. "This thought the shop lawn along with their junk removed, did not think a scrap block green space improvement. "Lai Guang ying, Chaoyang District
letters and visits Office for residents of the subdistrict office, soon to verify and respond to Garden District, this routing State city construction urban construction Group on behalf of the tax escrow, roads due to deregulation mess. Neighborhood after the situation reported to the subdistrict office last year, relevant departments will stand near the City Court of Chaoyang District incorporated as private actually plan for environment, a recent improvement and greening the environment. Neighborhood leaders also said they will work with management stands to get rid of this waste product of the impact on the environment.