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Recycling energy-saving environmental protection, prevent excessive consumption waste in the Earth,
we can put procedures for certain waste recycling in waste recycling, the environmental protection of the State, in order to save resources, promotion of resource recycling make the greatest contribution.
with the development of human society and the progress of the times, people are increasingly high demands for environmental quality, protection of the ecological environment and improve environmental quality, become international issues of common concern. Municipal solid waste is one of the serious pollution all over the world, persimmon garbage has become a grim reality of inevitable in urban development, urban garbage disposal is already a cause for serious concern.
for the community to be conscious of protecting natural resources, society often advocated that we should protect the environment. Environmental protection means that human consciousness to protect natural resources and their rational use and prevent pollution and damage to the natural environment; for comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution and destruction must be done in order to create suitable for human living and working environments
. Environmental protection refers to solve environmental problems or in reality, coordinating the relationship between humans and the environment to ensure sustainable economic and social development of various actions that have been taken collectively. Its methods and means of engineering, administration, also have legal, economic, education and so on.
its content main has:
(1) control by production and life activities caused of pollution,
including control industrial production emissions of "waste" (wastewater, and exhaust, and waste three waste), and dust, and radioactive material and produced of noise, and vibration, and stench and electromagnetic microwave radiation traffic transport activities produced of harmful gas, and liquid, and noise, sea ship transport discharge of pollutants, industrial and agricultural production and people life using of toxic harmful chemical products,
Town life emissions of dust, and sewage and garbage, caused of pollution;
(2) prevent by construction and development activities caused of environment damage, including prevent by large water, and railway, and highway route, and large port, and airport and large industrial project, engineering construction on environment caused of pollution and damage, farm and Lakes activities, and Shang oilfield, and coastal and marsh of development, and forest and mineral resources of development on environment of damage and effect, new industrial zone, and Settings for the new town and building destruction, pollution and the impact on the environment;
(3) protection of the natural environment with special value, including the rare species and its living environment, a special natural history sites, landscape, geological phenomena, such as providing effective protection. In addition, the town and country planning, control soil erosion and desertification, afforestation, control of growth and distribution, reasonable distribution of productive forces, also belong to the protection of the content.
environmental protection has become the world's Governments and people of action and one of the main. China announced a basic national policy for China's environmental protection, and has formulated and promulgated a series of laws and regulations on environmental protection, in order to ensure the implementation of this policy. Also shows awareness of waste to protect the environment have deeper!
in search of a more long-term development, the Government called for people to sort the garbage, there are many waste can be recycled, can be sold to recycling businesses. We had a substantial income.
recycling think policy should be to strengthen the recycling business "small, scattered, chaotic" pattern of governance. Small business there are a lot of problems caused, one recycling channels being occupied, the second is the environmental secondary pollution is a serious problem. In this regard, the experts suggested that in each city to set up a special development zone, enterprises engaged in recycling in the region consolidated into park management, unified in the district sewage treatment, garbage incineration, landfill, to prevent secondary pollution.