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Recently, home taiyanggong, Chaoyang District, residents reflected to the newspaper, at the Sun Palace park across an intersection, a large garbage piled up. "Rubbish heap more and more, all on the road, foul-smelling, hot weather in summer, very easy to breed flies, mosquitoes, I hope the relevant authorities can clean up in time. "The resident said.
morning of June 8, the reporters came to the scene. Sun Palace Road to the Northeast, and walked to the Palace at the intersection of the road and the Sun, a huge pile of trash suddenly appeared in front of us, strong smell of rushing. The rubbish along the road spreading over more than 10 meters long, plastic bags, rotten vegetables, eggs and other kitchen waste and discarded construction waste such as wood, cardboard, paint buckets. Due to the rainy days, garbage heap of filthy water flowed out of a puddle of yellow-brown, choubukewen.
reporter noted that, in the midst of garbage surrounded a 10-square-metre House. One wall of the House had collapsed, piles of garbage in the House. Just then, a woman riding a tricycle who pick up waste here. According to her, because there is no waste, so people from the garbage has always been here. "Probably every Monday there will be cleaning the handlebar rubbish removed part, usually no one cleaning. "Recycling
taiyanggong road around some, but some demolition, sediment mound on the roadside. Nearby resident Wang told reporters that this waste dump garbage exposed all the year round, has never been thoroughly cleaned. "So dirty, inside the House who trash it? Trash heap outside, much can account for half of the road, stinking water flowing everywhere. When the weather is hot, all the streets were filled with the sour stench. "Residents here hope that the departments concerned can add regular refuse collection points, or with trash and other closed facilities, and cleaned up in a timely manner, maintaining environmental hygiene.