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Homes village of Qin hard sea and Liang Wenshu couple raising has 2 a daughter, and one son, can this family ill-fated, double whammy, 3 a children have non-normal death, led to couple II people is combat, years they only know rummage for, is rarely took to sold, home into has dump, whole courtyard heap has 1 meters more thick of rags, results raised fire, burned has housing. Facing disaster in the family of the village led the villagers to donate again and again, now consists of the village of 20 people in the building, and set his obligation to build a new House of metal recycling.
7 days
farm house out of 20 car rags
East back to the village is the seat of town government in Pingshan County, the resident population of more than 1600 households, more than 6,000 people, of which more than 500 families live in two-story house, there are more than 1000 families are brick houses villagers live, worry-free life. However, there is a family's situation is not in concordance with the environment, under the ruins of the compound was full of thick litter, exudes a pungent odor.
June 12, at 8 o'clock in the morning, a balding old man came out from a small low House, squatted in the courtyard, from the junk heap with mental retardation wife, picking thinks they can sell junk.
This is the Dragon Boat Festival, many families eat rice dumplings for breakfast, but they had no holiday concept, scavenging garbage seemed to be all of their lives.
"old Qin, we bring you the dumplings come! "The village Party Secretary Li Jikuan, the village Committee Director Zhou Junjun 12 village, came to the farmyard piled high with trash, carrying in their hands the dumplings, with a spade is used to clean up waste.
two bags of old Qin from the village hands scented dumplings floating, smiling from ear to ear, murmured: "you eat! "Standing on the side of his wife, unsmiling, glassy.
"you can rest assured that home is in trouble, the Government will pipe the village will also help, House immediately built new, you can be at ease! "Li Jikuan Pat old Qin on the shoulders, turned and waved at the village behind a wave of" everybody do hurry up! "
58-year old Director of the village Committee Office 66 with three forks and scratching around in tattered layers, lots of metal and paper can be sold, he will put aside; 64 village Xu Yinghai swing a hammer," Dong Dong "to smash the collapsed beams. You useless junk loaded on carts with a spade and push up to 10 meters away on a tractor, shipped from outside the village.
66 says, they began on June 2, without delay on the basis of other work in the village, has successively as Qin home garbage disposal 7 days old, pulled away more than 20 cars.
son drowned
daughter who jumped into the suicide
old hard sea named Qin Qin, 68 years old, mild mental retardation. His wife called the man-kin, aged 63, the spirit of good times and bad.
about this family, the villagers are very poor. Qin hard sea wussy, brain is slow before, but his dedication and simplicity, life was not bad, and soon after had a daughter.
daughter is 5 years old, their second daughter, was born, but still less than 8 days, the child died. Two years later, they had a son, the mood became much better, but, an accident and completely change their life.
1995 summer, 17-year old son Qin Junhu to swim in the canals in the village, unfortunately drowned. Hard sea of Qin and his wife after learning of the news, it is difficult to accept the fact, he fell ill at home. Qin hard sea often angry for no reason, except for eating at home, usually around the outside. Every market, he would pick up a big bag of outdated hanyan, gulp gulp. Sometimes, he will be turned over to the field, but never food.
Liang Wenshu often took pictures of her son in a daze, occasionally giggling, talking about pronouncing, unintelligible. She also went out to rummage for every day, picking up every day more than 10 bags of rags, stacked in the yard, but few take out money, causing the entire inside and out of the yard is broken, the foot has more than 1 m thick, and not only the smell, but also easy to fire.
my brother's death, also knocked out sister, her grief-stricken, distraught. The spring of 2006, after her sudden marriage mental illness after treatment, condition stable. In November, she again come on, light jumped off a bridge to commit suicide after his house.
House has burned down, to help build a house in the village
in December 2012, beam instruments go out at night, hard haisuo the Qin in the House. Qin hard sea point rags to keep warm, the results set off a fire, neighbours rushed, broke the locks, hard sea Qin out.
Qin's three main house was burned down, leaving only ruins and not burning rags. Seeing this, village cadres and villagers donated more than 3,600 Yuan, bought pots and pans and bedding for the old couple.
next to the coke building appears before Qin Jia tap is broken, often water they drink, and always keep an eye on their House, afraid to fire again; and back to Coke six detailed Di Xiyou and two others, often dishing and dumplings and give them to eat. In some cases, Qin hard sea of temper, beat beam instrument, will arrive in time to dissuade the neighbors rushed. Increased when the neighbors will be reviled by Qin Jia couple, but we never planned to.
"the couple against too big, a bit unusual, we cannot couple alone, can you help or want to help! "Jiao Jianchao said.
, the family mainly by Government each year 2980 of the low gold and 110 Yuan per month in rural old-age insurance for their livelihood.
Li Jikuan, the village party branch Secretary said that research by the village party branch and village Committee, decided to give the hard sea where Qin flip three new brick houses, materials used and wages about 26,000 yuan, in which the Government gave more than 10,000 yuan, the rest of the money is from the village. To save money, over more than 20 village would form a construction crew, free housing for his family. Finishes such as wheat harvesting starts, strive for completion in July.