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"A load of junk can get thirty or forty Yuan, now 20. "King boss in PuTuo, Shanghai Wanli district runs a" cigarette paper shop ", with cold drinks in summer sales, waste paper generated more bottles than in other seasons. This year, however, he clearly felt scrap price drops, "sorting out takes half a day, sometimes I think it is better to throw it."
boss Wang told reporters, from 0.5 Yuan/kg of waste paper fell to 0.3-0.35/kg, can now only sell to 0.1 Yuan/month, and highest selling 0.13-0.15 yuan each.
"again? "Collected door King boss Liu Hongfu here seven or eight years, in the face of" regular customer "complaints, he was helpless. "We bargain, are sold on. "
recycling residential and shop after waste, Liu Hongfu and sell them to a recycling station. Recycle Bin prices, directly affects his "business".
"plastic bottles we sell is 0.15-0.16 Yuan/month, now sold for 0.13-0.14 Yuan, but prices still remain at 0.1 Yuan. "Liu Hongfu said some species while the price fell, but the purchase price is the status quo," then fell, residents bother to let us go, and less money is better than no business. "/> scrap prices to leave the community, reporters after a 20-minute walk, in the rich water found on a scrap. "Cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, after the Spring Festival this year, each fell about 0.02-0.05 Yuan. "For many years Chu told reporters here, not only is the House beverage bottles, milk cans, waste paper prices down, plexiglass, scrap or" falling over ".
"for now, the worst are plexiglass, fell to 12 from 26 Yuan/kg/kg. "He said.
as a regular army of recycling in Shanghai, Shanghai New Jinhua Commerce Limited has also recently experienced trade market has fallen. Enterprise-related charge, steel scrap to scrap for their main product, for example, on the way down after the Spring Festival, has fallen to about 20%. "A scrap section before or purchase price of 3000 Yuan a tonne, has now fallen to 2400-2500 Yuan. "He said, this fall has been largely offset by the end of last year there were about 20% of the rally.
"scrap market decline also affected milk powder cans and other waste products of the market. "The official, from the Shanghai market, dropped most of the waste. Including waste paper prices also fell by around 20%-30%.
and in terms of non-ferrous metals, CBI Group Research Centre analyst Zhang said nickel waste and scrap of stainless steel has already dropped to the lowest level in two years. Highest point when compared with previous years, fell about half. This directly reflects the production output of the enterprise market.

suffers from economic weakness, "little waste is closely related to macroeconomic. "New Jinhua told reporters that scrap of many steel plants steelmaking raw materials. However, because of overcapacity in steel and raw materials, demand for raw materials are falling. Demand for steel raw materials from before 3000 tons, down to about 1000 tons per month. The other hand, the major sources of steel scrap--shipbuilding industry downturn, release also reduced the amount of purchase.
waste products associated with the macro-economic, also reflected on non-ferrous metals.
Zhang Fei-lung told reporters that generally speaking, non-ferrous metals recycling was reduced to metal utilization is very high. Therefore, including copper and nickel has formed an industrial cluster in East China, market and stock markets. Closely linked to the latter and stock supply and demand, and is directly under the influence to China's macroeconomic situation.
Fei said, from the perspective of overall situation, non-ferrous metal's mainstream is excess. "I just came back from a big factory in Shandong province. Starts there is only 50%. "He said, due to the current cost of nickel appears upside down, firms produce more losses.
the industry slowdown has spread to the entire East Asian region. In stainless steel, for example, since 2000, is the rapid development of the Decade, annual production growth of around 33%. After the European debt crisis, high domestic production brake down, excess led to what is now obvious. "The economic trend in the upper reaches will be greater pressure on the scrap market. "He said.
Bureau of statistics recently released economic data May, CPI rose 2.1%, inflation fell last month compared with 0.3%, PPI fell 2.9%. Sun lijian, Deputy Dean of school of Economics, Fudan University, said Qi down, CPI and PPI data, shows that our weak economic activity. In addition, HSBC has released May HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI) value of 49.2%, below the boom and bust line 50, showed manufacturing run continues to slow, up to 8-month low points.
/> copper speculation is worthy of note, in the field of non-ferrous metals recycling in a downward, copper prices have defied.
"at present, it is best to do is copper and brass. "The waste recycling bin Zhu said, its price was 45 Yuan/kg and 22/kg.
Research Center analyst at CBI Qi Binxian told reporters that speculation, driven by the scrap copper prices have been surging for two months, cause production cutbacks at the smelter. Contact CBI 46 copper smelting enterprises in April, manufacturers started at an average of 58.6%, compared with the previous month to 2.7%. Tight copper raw material procurement and an uncertain future market, so that the overall industry starts show a downward trend.
"trade April hoard a lot of scrap copper, refused to sell. So now the market price is very high, there is no city. "She said that this contrarian behavior or will come back. "Copper prices have now more expensive than copper. If copper prices continue to fall, traders put aside the goods and then send scrap prices falling. We expect copper prices to a test will take place in June or July. "