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"Mother's day" on that day, at 10 o'clock in the morning, I wear a big Sun, riding his "private" garbage men came to my 18 years of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine in the compound of staff quarters. After the bike aside, I began my day's work, to familiar staff home and collect waste products, in the downstairs space after the sort, put on my tricycle to transport the waste to a nearby recycling bin.
in fact, my real job is in a high-grade office buildings of Zhujiang new town as a trainee lawyer. Last November, I passed the bar exam on April 9 this year, I've got the qualification certificate in legal practice.
teachers ' dormitories "junk collectors"
1995 year, I graduated from South Guangzhou, place to live very close to Canton Chinese medicine, and my brother-in-law, three villagers came to the Faculty dormitory and recyclers. Due to strict management, and we face, are responsible for security, shoo us all the time.
unable to find work, we can only "passing the buck" recyclers in the Canton faculty housing compound Chinese medicine. So security, here we go, go for security, we come back and secretly. So you catch the day I ran over three or four years, and residents recognize us for security, trust us, we in the Canton Chinese recyclers "work" only began to stabilize.
I love rag in the Canton faculty housing compound Chinese medicine. Campuses are intellectual, cultural atmosphere very well. Whenever you receive the book was my happiest time, not because of the money, but I will leave them like a baby, a carefully watched. A rag which have extra money to buy books, but I "received" returning books not only for free, and the school's teachers are intellectuals, their book is definitely a good book selection. After high school,
, I have always maintained the habit of reading. In 2000, I read life in the first book of the law, is a legal textbook, I like it very much. Since then, books about law, I love watching, I began dating law.
a traffic accident inspired "lawyers dream"
on a hot summer day, I observe traffic regulations across the street, was knocked down by a car on the ground. Traffic police coordinating our "private settlement", had never encountered such a situation, I expect to sign the consent form, they lose me 400 medical expenses.
the next day after getting up, I found myself an arm full of cramp, went to the hospital to know the arm injury was serious. I was both angry and helpless, helpless, I see so many law books but don't know how to use the law, but do not know which laws to safeguard their lawful rights and interests. I suddenly thought of my hometown in rural areas, where many people lack a legal concept, come into conflict do not know how to use legal channels.
POPs in my head a strong idea: I want to become a lawyer, to use the law to protect themselves, but also to do some legal work.
2008 year, I signed up for the self-study examination of the legal profession. Didn't expect the decision to not only get strong support from the family, and encouraged by a wide Chinese medicine faculty housing compound in the neighborhood. And those studying full-time undergraduates are not the same, I would first like to bring home the bacon, then studying for my exams. If the work and review the conflict, then I give up review time.
me more than 9 points out of the House every day, and have been widely collected in the housing compound until it was dark TCM faculty home. Usually when no one called me rag, I will quickly pick up on one side of the book review.
but after 9 o'clock every night, I have a full review, I give myself a review plan, if one day there is no complete plan, even staying up until the wee hours of one or two points, I will read the book.
I always wondered why the judicial examination of the Community interest so high, I was told that even those who studied law for four years undergraduate students through professional Secretary exam is a very difficult thing. But I still see Division as my only goal in life, put all his energy on this.
of the criminal code, the civil code professional books, to tell the truth when I started reviewing or don't understand, review of the first 10 days of the time have no stomach for. I can not be reconciled, and watching it again did not understand, and then watch it a second time, the third and fourth times ... ... Until you understand it. 31 subjects I read five or six times to review books.
Finally, I was lucky enough to pass the exam.
want to put two children to Guangzhou
I think they only really get in touch with society, there are many things to learn, you'll also learn how to behave, and more reading, more to learn, the more I feel ignorant, and curiosity brought me to another height of ignorance.
If not in Guangdong, if not in the Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine teaching staff quarters collected in the yard, if not a school teacher's encouragement and help, I may not be the full attendance of the game today, could live another life.
now I work sitting in an Office from Monday to Friday, but every weekend I will return to the familiar, the yard continued to waste, not only do I love this quiet and warm, like outdoor exercise to sweat.
I am currently practicing lawyers dream, only just got the chance to turn around, far from being successful. A year later I would become a lawyer, I work for a few years, such as a good life, I want two school-age children are home to live in Guangzhou, which is my present and future dreams.