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April 17 at around 7 in the morning, Mudanjiang's salvage station pulled into a grey car.
"boss, look at the copper, do you accept? "Two fuck man with the southern accent said, forces from the trunk of the car out a little bag of copper into the ground. War opened a silk bag, which is full of copper, is weighing a total of 216 kg. Total war secretly: "keep the price down, can't go up a lift and maybe a cheap deal. "
" 19 51 kilograms. "After listening to two men shake their heads, waving said," brother, you gave the price too low, insincerity, and we do not sell. "Two bags carried on a sedan. When a man is sitting in the car, another man standing beside the car said: "brother, we often sell, knows the market, you're bluffing. "One listen, said catty 20.5 Yuan price of acquisition.
after the two men look at each other, one of them once again took the silk bag, while retaining another man stood in front of a non-stop, Deputy Dawg, "brother, our business recently how Ah? Now plastic bottles how much money? ”......。。 Did not detect any suspicious House took out after 4426 to the two men's hands, the two men drove away.
a silk bag filled with copper wire for a place and opened it only to find it full of sand!
April 30 at 8 o'clock, two scrap of Daqing boss Tang Mou, Xin has suffered the same scam. Tang, Xin respectively paid two men 5100 and 4800 Yuan after the money, only to find the copper turned black soil in the bag.
the province received more than "selling copper" substitution report
mid-April 17 to May, the province Mudanjiang, in shuangyashan, heihe, Daqing public security organs have received much play to "sell copper" as a means for bait-and reports of fraud.
Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps of the Office take the lead in directing, collect and integrate investigation leads, set to crack down on such crimes. Subsequently, the police access to the recycling stations near the monitor and track their bank cards found that 5 people in this fraud ring, they drove two cars split up, a gray KIA car, a white Hyundai sedan. On May 27, the police along the trajectory of several people along the track, always talk to a village in Hubei Province, 4 were successfully captured, 1 at large. 4 suspects arrested were Chen, for kinship.
"many people killed in the village fraud"
trial, according to the 4 suspects accountable, they will be back in her hometown two modus operandi car trunk after refit, North of Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places a part in committing. This deceitful tricks is that they learn from a village, "we've got a lot of people are doing this, mentoring between relatives, friends. "Allegedly, crime at a time they are in the trunk of the car prepared well in advance of two bags, one filled with copper wire, one filled with soil or sand, and collected while quietly bait-and people do not pay attention. In order to cover up fraud, a few people to b after a fraud of money to deposit.
the police investigation found that several names over more than 10 bank accounts in recent months of time, these accounts today makes more than 130,000 yuan. This two cars and few people use cheat before purchase. Currently, 4 suspects have been detained by police, the case is under further investigation.