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Man after the waste picked up and displayed on the tree, in the summer, hot weather, breed mosquitoes, residents complain.
complaints about "relatives not to visit"; many fruitless negotiations, the Directorate said, "this is somewhat unreasonable,"
"relatives are reluctant to come to my house, too smelly. "Recently, the public has told Mr Hu that, by the people and Dragon King Park 6, a small square in front of piles of garbage, great impact on community environment, sun exposure when the thick smell of rancid, when it rains, mosquitoes, relatives are reluctant to go to his house to play. It is understood that the trash the "owner" is a community of about 80 years old, picking up litter for many years has been "addiction".
who did not want to give his name according to the community's households reflect, which are waste products, picking up junk man is one of the owners of the community, and their daughter and son live in building 6, first floor. Old man picking up scrap for as long as 10 years, "he likes to go out and pick up junk, piled up in the community of parkland. "According to reports, about 5 years ago, the elderly take back waste piling up in their place of residence near the House, there are two people of high waste, just to another owner of the kitchen not only stink of mosquitoes, and there is a mouse nest. Some tenants cannot stand, after a number of complaints, a number of joint law enforcement, waste cleanup.
but the symptom, not the cause. This old man still kept moving the waste from the outside community, but stack locations chosen was 6, a small square in front of the tree. Reporters here, under a variety of waste piled up on the tree of life, with more than 10 meters long, faint smell rancid smell, flying mosquitoes on top. A household who asked not to be named said: "I heard the old man's family advised him not to pick up the waste, rich family, but he does not listen, picking up addicted. "Due to the community for some years, there are tenants, many tenants also complained, after repeated complaints to no avail, have chosen to turn a blind eye. But tenants Hu complained: "it smells, relatives are not willing to come to my house guest, too smelly. "He says, have no right to interfere in man to pick up waste, but" do not affect the lives of others ".
subsequently, the reporters found a man who was picking up waste. He is not very clean, the reporter tries to communicate with, man motioning with his hand said of hearing, hammer did not hear. A village resident said, the old man will sell the scrap, to earn some money. Reporters find the old man home, open the door of a woman, learned that reporters had come, swerve, even asked, "what are you talking about? What are you talking about? A more than 80-year old picked up waste are not Ah! "Finished off the door, journalists got a cold shoulder.
the community management office the King very reluctantly told reporters that many tenants complained to the community management office a few years ago, community management service attempts to communicate with the man's family, but "this is somewhat unreasonable" negotiations without success, so the old man to pick up scrap heap more and more.