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Purchasing unqualified cigarette prices sold Uncle Chen--this is waste of money.
as he triumphantly when counting money, but don't know your step by step into the cell.
two months to make a hundred thousand of Uncle
waste to make money
there is a "gold mine"
years ago, Chen took the family from Anhui to Yeosu, because culture is not high, trained for nothing, so waste product family.
in May 2010, Wenzhou company as "Abba", "white", "clouds" and other tobacco company cigarette business, found his cigarette waste.
This is a stable source of income, weekly Chen waste from the company's income has steadily increased.
2012 year earlier, sales of cigarette packs a pawn tells Chen, waste from the cigarette companies, pick out a full cigarette packaging, can be used to make counterfeit cigarettes, can obtain a high price.
Chen takes to initiate contact with cigarette company's staff, want to keep the "big bonanza".
, after this to make money, Yang Ge to buy cigarette cases and small Shen Chen. Courier sample inspection, field inspection, Chen finally reached agreement with a purchaser: 500 Pack sells for 10 Yuan. The price than selling paper, up from several dozens of times.
the next day, buy cigarette cases, pick a full outer packaging, dispatch, in just two months time, Chen bought two or three tons of "Abba", "white", "clouds" and other cigarette case, make a hundred thousand of.
in mind, Chen said, he counted the money can laugh.
business was snatched up brother "counterattack"
"you can't go after cigarette company freight, we pack! "Soldiers three see Chen made a fortune for a short time, green with envy.
look at soldiers menacing, he knew the obvious is to compete for business. But many people also threatened to deal with his family, Chen only soft down.
soldiers agreed to give Chen a fixed salary of 6000 Yuan per month and businesses robbed Chen can also put up. In this way, tens of thousands of Yuan per month income reduced to 6000 Yuan, Chen was reluctant to do.
"brother, this is cigarette company contact phone, waste Pack after you go to the games. I also do not believe they can get you going. "Looking a pawn group take" fat ", he called his younger brother Xiao Chen, let him help.
after contact, Chen had to pull cigarette waste. But recently, things will soon be soldier knows.
is a threat, Chen was forced to compromise, promising proposal by the soldiers: the cigarette company's packaging waste and each half, Xiao Chen go to shipped, shipped out to soldiers in half, and older brother Chen 3000 Yuan a month, and soldiers share half.
after this business is relatively stable, Chen shipped home twice a month, but Chen as a 6000 Yuan a month to fix wages.
in January 2013, Chen sold substandard cigarette case was seized in Yongkang, people involved were arrested.
"I am too greedy, harm himself, also killed my brother! "Chen heads in some sighed, sitting in jail.
on May 14, Chen was arrested for sale of illicit manufacture of registered trademark are Yongkang city people's Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law.