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Old mobile phones what is the recovery of gold, silver, Platinum

Used mobile phones in the Au, Ag, Pd calcine leaching process of recycling is what?
old mobile phones contains a variety of recyclable metals, including precious metal Au, Ag, Pd, the metal value, but the relative recovery of lower density, requiring multiple extraction, recycling costs more, here the basic recovery process.
is a material used mobile phones to remove shell and battery, broken boards, rinse with clear water, containing metal parts sink to the bottom, dry, forged after pretreatment with combustion, such as sampling, its main components are: Au 0. 92%, Pd 0. 38%,  Ag 1. 67%. Analysis method for coulometric titration, atomic absorption spectrometry, and Pyro-assaying. Eight, recovered from used mobile phones, Ag, Pd process is shown in Figure 4-18. Use the recycling process in liquid-solid 200,002:1, temperature 4 5 ^-70 0C, about 3h conditions, the recovery rate is greater than 95%, recovered products refining a purity greater than 99. 9%.