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Price foam recycling recycling of particles and its application

Overview: foam recycling pellet mill is used to handle the fast-food containers, household appliances, bubble wrap, EPS foam (foamed particles), which converts it into PS Polystyrene plastic pellets, this recycled plastic granules can be made of a variety of stationery, toys and electrical enclosures. Utilization of 100% of EPS foam, the production process without "three wastes" pollution, this machine is the ideal equipment help you get rich, has a high economic and social benefits.
, use:
used in processing discarded fast food boxes, household appliances and packaging EPS foam (styrofoam), which converts it into a recycled PS pellets
this recycled plastic can be manufactured various stationery, toys and electrical enclosures.
II, features:
1, main and auxiliary machine screw barrel is made of high strength carbon structural steel.
2, a foam pellet mill with conical screw barrel, feed speed, high output.
3, the use of primary and secondary production, temperature stability, improve the molecular structure of materials, enhanced permeability, improved quality of grain!
4, foam particles by shredders, hosting, automatic traction cutting machine, the host uses the automatic screen changer.
environmental protection equipment, and tax allowances. As long as your local waste plastic foam, electrical packaging foam, instant noodle boxes, lunch box, 380V, 2-3 personal work and your determination to seize the Fortune first opportunity, you can invest!
foam recycling particle collection price:
, affect the price of foam recycling granulating machine performance and characteristics:
by the crusher machine, automatic feeding machine, host, an auxiliary machine, cutting machine set, the first raw material for color classification, so as not to affect the quality, reducing profits.
II, foam recycling recycling technology of particle flow:
material plasticization → → automatic feeding into the host Vice-extruder → water or wind-cooled automatic dice → → bagging.

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