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What are the main factors influencing the screening efficiency of solid wastes

Effect solid waste screening efficiency of main factors is what?
effect solid waste screening efficiency of factors has many, main can antibody for following several aspects:
(1) solid waste itself of nature main including: ① solid waste of grain degrees, grain degrees small j: screen hole size 3/4 of particles content more more, screening efficiency more high, instead more low;
II solid waste of containing water rate, solid waste appearance of water will makes fine grain knot mission or if attached in rough grain Shang and should not be screening, But containing water rate high Shi, particles Zhijian of cohesion instead will declined, to improve screening efficiency,
③ solid waste of containing mud t, containing mud child high Shi, slightly water on easy makes fine grain knot mission,
II solid waste of Ying grain shape, more surface and spherical particles most easy screening, tablets-like or article-like Ying grain easy in sieve vibration palsy domain material upper, therefore to through square and back shaped screen hole, but is more capacity Brigade wing invited rectangular screen hole.
(2) screening equipment of performance main including:
① screen network of type, woven screen network of screening efficiency high, second is punching screen, again is Rod article screen;
II screen hole of shape, General,, square screen hole than round screen hole screening efficiency high, but screening grain degrees smaller and water high Shi, suitable used round screen hole, avoid square screen hole of corners near occurred child grain dry even phenomenon;
③ sieve of movement way, fixed screen, and turned tube screen, and shake screen, and Vibrating screen's screening efficiency can reach more than 50%~60%,  60%,70%--80%, 90% about size, shape and angle of sieve surface, screen size, processing power to shape sound on a sieve, usually screen aspect ratio of 2. 5;} About screen surface inclination can shape sound screen time, which affects the sieving efficiency and usually screen surface inclination in 1-W}
(3) sieve operating conditions in the screening procedure r} I, uniformly continuous feed in order to make full use of the screen surface and easily fine screening, ... d to improve screening efficiency. Sieve r moderate exercise intensity to prevent low lead materials difficult to loose layering and strong materials quickly discharged, reduced screening efficiency. In addition, should also pay attention to timely cleaning and maintenance screen.