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Plastic recycling prospects

Plastic characteristics
plastic with excellent play JI stability and corrosion resistance, electric insulation, thermal insulation, excellent shock absorption and silencing sound effects and has good elasticity, can be very good with metal bond, glass, wood and other materials, easy processing. In four big industrial materials, plastic number, function and application of rapid expansion, lot instead of metal, wood, paper and so on, are widely used in all areas of the national economy. It can be said that no materials like plastics has such a broad range of uses.
the rapid development of the plastics industry, caused by discarded plastic and rubbish waste plastics have also brought a series of social problems. Plastic products the application deep into every corner of society, from industrial production to the basic necessities of life, plastics are everywhere. People began to find that plastic is quietly coming to us, seriously affects our health and living environment, as some agricultural land started to cut because of the impact of waste plastic film, plastic waste thrown "white pollution" starts people headaches, does not rot without breaking up the effective recycling of the lunch box, plastic garbage to start treatment for life ... ... Plastic waste increase and the consequent social and environmental issues in front of people, on the survival of people's lives all over the world.
plastic products of against
plastic packaging material has weight light, and strength big, and anti-impact sex good, and transparent, and moisture, and beautiful, and chemical performance stable, and toughness good and anti-corrosion, advantages, in packaging field widely replaced has metal, and wood, and paper, and glass, and leather,, so, plastic packaging on reduce China of resources, and energy pressure up to has not alternative of role. However, the plastic packaging materials have a fatal weakness, its long natural degradation, some for as long as 100 years. Plastic is not easy to degrade, leading to its waste to continue for a long time. Moreover, the consumption is dropping, plastic packaging waste becomes an increasing environmental problems, forming a so-called "white pollution", great pressure on the environment for human survival, therefore, the recycling of plastics packaging waste is around the corner.