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Chemical pyrolysis of waste plastic recycling recycling law

Chemical cracking recycling method
chemical cracking recycling method is single varieties of waste plastic by hydrolysis or alcohol solutions Hou made monomer or low molecular volume of more Mie body. or will waste plastic (can is some varieties of mixture) high temperature cracking or catalytic cracking Hou business take chemical different, and the vinyl, and propylene, and aromatic, and tar,) and the liquid fuel oil (gasoline, and diesel, and kerosene,). Technical contacts in this regard have been reported are: Japan Fuji Fuji cycle company recycling law, Japan Institute of physics and chemistry to develop KURATA method, Germany VEBA VEBA company law, United Kingdom developed by BP company such as BP.
my research in this area has also made outstanding achievements, such as: domestic research of waste plastics oil technology, three plastic pyrolysis fuel recovery technologies, such as love, according to another report, China has developed a one-step direct catalytic liquefaction of polyolefin producing process of gaseous hydrocarbon oils, total yield of 85%^-87%.
1. thermal solution
food plastic sorting, crushing, melting and thermal decomposition reactor backward people, the reactor heats up, liquid of waste plastics to high summer tour, and under certain temperature pyrolysis occurs, generates relatively small molecular weight substances. All kinds of waste plastics ' thermal decomposition temperatures vary, but the basic 350 range ^500 ℃. With this process processing waste plastic, detonation can reduce pollution, and can recycling gasoline, and diesel, oil, received rate can up 80% above, has must about significance II currently China in waste plastic recycling aspects also more used the technology, that through high temperature cracking or catalytic cracking two species way to recycling fuel (oil, and steam), but general scale smaller, and in plastic cracking process in the, due to the seven Beijing for (as plastic heated produced high slaughter degrees melting real to conveying; plastic of thermal conductivity sex poor, reached hot decomposition temperature to time more long, ) Caused by high energy consumption, high incidence of carbonized clog pipes, process is difficult to control, process time and other disadvantages, so good chemical process research and development environment is necessary.
usually categorized as thermal cracking and catalytic cracking of waste plastics pyrolysis.
(1) thermal cracking. Separation of waste plastic is more complex, if they are classified and splitting again, to spend a certain amount of equipment investment, energy and time, cost recovery is high. Thermal cracking is generally in the reactor make it impossible for those in separation and pollution of waste plastic is heated to its decomposition temperature (600}-9000C) decomposed, absorption and purification are available of the decomposition products.