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How to choose a solid waste containers

How select solid waste of packaging container?
waste recycling solid waste of packaging container select principles for: container and the packaging material and by Sheng put of waste should has compatible sex, to has enough of strength makes in storage, and handling and transport of process in the easily rupture, and can guarantee waste not loss, and laid bulk, and not leakage, and not emissions harmful gas, and not distributed smell.
for burning of organic waste fiber drums or cardboard drums should be used as a container for holding, together with waste incineration, in order to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion and leakage, you can put people in steel drums with a cover, in front of the burned out. For hazardous waste containers should be selected based on their identity, particularly pay attention to compatibility with the waste. In General, a gasoline can, cardboard, metal barrels, tanks are available as solid waste container. These containers in use more easily damaged, so should always check during storage and transport.
location of municipal solid waste transfer station are: ① as much as possible in the waste collection centres or junk yields more; Secondly, near the main road and easily accessible place c where at least to select residents and environmental hazards about construction and operation where economic; II seeks to facilitate waste recycling and energy production.