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Method for preparing-toxic adhesive using waste polystyrene

Characteristics of adhesive bonding of salary by the method of performance, but also have a certain resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. This approach uses toxic organic solvent, good for the environment. Gel plunge agent can be used for wood, paper, aluminum Du Yi ceramic bonding.
production steps: breaking
waste polystyrene 16,132 mesh to size, clean, dry. weigh 1 5 dried waste foamed polystyrene put 500mIL flask, add acetic vinegar 3amI. and d-limonene 15mL, mixing, makes polystyrene began solid dissolved completely, this solution is colorless and transparent. In the mixing conditions heat up to 76~78℃, continue down under 30min, add the plasticizer di-n-butyl 1mL, this temperature stirring 60min, solution remains colorless, transparent viscous liquid at this time. Then ju-0 under stirring conditions here. 35g maleic acid batch added to the flask three crisp, solution slowly into a milky viscous liquid. followed by dropping 0. 5mL acrylic, keep mixing the reaction of this ju 70min, products remain in the milky white viscous liquid state. And will fall down to 50~55℃, added (JP alkyl sulfonic acid sodium salt 110 emulsifier 0.6mL and 12 0.66g, maintain ju-mixing 1.5h, NaOH powder adjust the PH value to 5~6.   Milky white viscous emulsion drilling all agents, cooling down can be replaced without stratification.
, by testing the physical and chemical properties of rubber cat agent results: 6500MPa.S adhesive viscosity, surface drying time 20min, NV 51.2%, water absorption rate 0. 5%.
water, acid and alkaline-resistant side is as follows:
apply adhesive evenly on the slide, after you put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, then put people in 50 degree Celsius oven
dry 2H, slide the edge seal it with petroleum jelly for medical purposes, namely 10% into deionized water. In hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide 10%i. Results showed that soak 24h, they are not blister, crack-free, no bleaching; 7 days immersion in water not flaking; 8 days immersion in the acid not Exfoliating; not falling off in the alkali soak for 10 days. This glue paid agent can be used for wood, paper, aluminum and ceramic bonding.