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Determination and calculation of how waste output

Determination and calculation of how waste output?
usually waste output measurement and calculation of the above methods.
(1) the General calculation method to the various categories of waste sites totals together, again according to the statistics of the population average. If you have accurate and reliable per capita output value, based on statistics of a city or municipal solid waste production in the region, and to predict if after 10 years the amount of waste recycling company.
(2) load measurement if cleaned up by the city sanitation Department garbage site, you can use load measurement. Given the team the actual removal, cleaning the self-cleaning capacity of enterprises and street cleaning team, the three part of the waste by the sanitation Department l:l summary, get the daily garbage volume (generally less than garbage day), so that you can take a clear traffic. If the garbage is the Nissan Nissin, removal of waste sites can be regarded as a service within the scope of waste output.
(3) load calculation method must be within a certain number of garbage trucks, multiplied by the known average per car load, it can be concluded that the time period during which the amount of garbage in the region, divided by the population of the region and time are junk yields.
(4) material balance method put into a calculation of all production, live goods, excluding sundries, internal storage, outside of reasonable consumption, identify possible changes to the amount of waste. This method is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, and is not intended for inhabitants MSW calculations. The short-term macro-prediction with this method, easy to use and with a certain degree of accuracy, but need to be aware of various types of material flows and the collection and processing of statistical data.