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Hexane methyl isobutyl ketone of dispersion coagulation and sedimentation separation profile

(1) water reduced Hubble reaches boiling when reactants (}>. 4:m-}}. After F:}dI./g, the polymer material)}j high speed grinder pulverized into particles, extraction with boiling water as methyl check Maple, access base and basins and other impurities, then boiling dilute hydrochloric acid solution, filtration, hot water wash, a f a few after the drying, granulating, warehouse storage. Water law is the domestic manufacturers of commonly used methods for reprocessing. This method less investment • easy, economical, the problem is that a large quantity of waste acid solution, must be treated, recycled lichuan. From the environmental point of view, if there is no suitable recycling equipment, this method is not ideal.
(2) crush a sleeve-type continuous stirred tank separation this casing is a continuous stirred tank equipped with bamboo and bamboo pipeline homogeneous mixer tube is running within polymer solution, solution temperature was la00C, run for ... 4kg/min, outer tube run is known as poor solvent, water, temperature of 25 0C, speed is 0. 8kg/min, respectively to its run speed into people high-speed mixing of slot within, mixing speed for 5000R/min, side put aggregate body crushed into powder body; side put organic solvent and poverty solvent from casing type continuous mixing slot of row export for recycling, by centrifugal filter separation out of aggregate body, Yu 25 ℃ with 6I a washing NET Hou, in 90 ℃ dry get LKG poly alum powder, solvent quality scores for 0. 9%.
(3 to two alkyl ketone or alcohol separation purification poly irony to two methyl Asia alum for solvent preparation of poly alum polymer solution, added people methyl different d ketone, Yu 90 ℃ mixing, let mixture into two layer, gum-like real gradually into solid, into particles-like, 1h Hou completely particles of, filter, aggregate body particles with 100mL methyl different d ketone Yu 30 ℃ extraction wash NET 1h, filter, repeat operation two times. Then put 500mL polymer particles in water at 95 ° c from 1 h,. Wash at 190 ° c vacuum drying 20h drying aggregates, filters, repeat operation the aggregate bulk density is 0. 39g/mL, residual solvents is 48 x 10-60. 482dL/g0
potassium metal residues of 129 x 10-6,  rJ;r,}, after the end of the polymerization reaction,
polysulfone polymer solution (4) centrifugal thin film evaporator process after the end of the polymerization reaction, "}''G}CI}} is}lJ''. , Pour in centrifugal thin-film evaporator in 150^-350 when removing solvent, solvent content to 100. General control in 3000C/3. 3kPa evaporation, evaporation and melting aggregates, amount of residual solvents ... 22 weft (mass fraction).
(5) high-temperature evaporation carries dissolved Jing separation temperature evaporation carry solvent separation method is high-pressure spray poly alum solution after completion of polymerization to the flow in high temperature steam particles settling to the bottom, twice out of polymer water, solvent was taken away by water vapor, aggregate filters required for drying polymer.